Monday, June 25, 2012

Minnesota Grown Garden Flowers for Weddings and Every Day from Live Flowers, LLC

The cutting garden has been planted for about two weeks now.  The annuals are just starting to bloom.  The above flowers are the exception, already blooming like crazy:  a self-seeding annual called cynoglossum, or Chinese forget-me-nots.  They are a beautiful baby blue color and just lovely in bouquets.  Self-seeding annuals are not loved by all gardeners (including my rototilling husband),  as they tend to seed themselves wherever they like, including between the rows, instead of where they were planted last year.  However, I find that competing charming (of course I am never the one doing the tilling!)

Blue and mauve tall ageratum, marigolds, a blue salvia, and white ammi are blooming in the annual cutting garden.  The perennial gardens are blooming bountifully.  Things that usually bloom in mid to late July are already blooming.  What will bloom in late August is a complete mystery!   This thought is probably shared by gardeners all across the northern U.S., because of our extremely early spring.

Last night I transplanted some sunflowers; today is sunny with a light breeze and those poor seedlings are drooping badly.  I have put up two awnings, three tables, and four lawn chairs to try to shade them.  Also clothes-pinned up two blankets.  In the last four hours they have perked up slightly.  I'm trying to think positive thoughts.

I just finally wrote some 'seasonal updates' at my website,  I mention these blue flowers there, too.   By the way, in the Rocky Mountains they call them mountain forget-me-nots.

Happy gardening wherever you are!