Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Transplanting Delphiniums Today

Today, I  transplanted Blue Mirror delphiniums.  They are a shorter delphinium with sprays instead of spikes, a most lovely cobalt-blue color, and perennial!  I had started seeds in a plastic cookie tray with another tray underneath it (for watering from the bottom)...I planted too many seeds in this container!  I did not think they would all germinate, for some reason.  I added extra perlite to both the germination mix and the potting soil mix.  Ideally, I should have got these transplanted a few weeks ago. 

However, today was the day I finally got to them.  I just used my finger to dig into the moist soil and pulled  out a chunk of soil with roots attached.  This year I put two seedlings in each pot.  Gracious me, there were a lot of them!  I ended up with about 25 or 30 plants replanted into the tray, and 74 pots!  This is part of the end result:

After I watered them, I put an upside down tray over the top to keep humidity in.  I'll remove that in 24 hours.  I will have these Blue Mirror delphinium plants  for sale at my plant sale in mid-May!

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